Check 1 More Thing Off… Maybe

I think [hope] that the portable sub-panel, or at least the electrical part of it, is done. I finished wiring up the SSRs tonight and did some more testing to be sure there aren’t any shorts and what not. I was going to plug it into the unused stove receptacle upstairs, but it turns out it is a three wire receptacle, not a 4 wire one. So as of yet, I have no way to test it. I’m going to peek around at work and see if we have any 4 wire 220 outlets, but I’m betting not because most of them are for welders and those are 3 wire. So probably the only way I’m going to test it is to get my outdoor receptacle wired up. That has to be on the list for a day that the wife and kids are gone (which is rare) because I want to completely turn the power off to install that rec, just to be safe.

I tested out the Ren2DMX board that Frank sent me that was already populated, works like a charm. Only three more to build… and 29 more pixels… and 3 more arches… and icicle lights… and sequencing… and many many cords to build… I’ll be busy for a while!

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