Haven’t done much lately :(

The last few nights haven’t been very productive. Between lack of sleep, work, and other things I haven’t felt much like finishing the last Ren24. Last night I probably could have worked on it, but I got my shipment of Ren24LV PCBs yesterday (Well Saturday, but I didn’t go into work Saturday) and I had ordered 6 Renard To DMX Cabling boards. These weren’t in my order. I still haven’t heard anything from Frank about whether I’m going to actually get them or not, but I’m starting to doubt that I will, mainly because his site now says he doesn’t have any. I don’t really fault Frank, because he has apparently had a lot going on family wise, but I was kind of counting on those boards so I could finish off the DMX testing on the boards.

Anyhow, since I am doubting I will get them I started looking into making my own. I played with Eagle most of the night last night and got a schematic drawn up and a board laid out. I didn’t think it came out too bad for my first time. I then went to BatchPCB which is run by the same guys that run SparkFun to get prices on making up some boards. BatchPCB basically lets you submit small, one-of, PCBs that are then batched with other people’s PCBs to make one large run. Makes it much more cost effective for small runs and prototyping. Anyhow, my boards in their current state would cost around $8 each plus shipping and setup fees so I’d have about $60 in 6 cabling boards.

I decided I could probably put $60 to better use elsewhere so I think I’m going to try and just come up with something using keystone jacks and some wire. I need to come up with something thin and rigid to mount the jacks to, but other than that it should work. Won’t be the prettiest, but should work. I’m still holding out hope that Frank will get me those boards, but if he doesn’t have them he doesn’t have them, nothing I can do about it.

Here’s some pics of my first Eagle designed PCB.

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