While watching the video that I posted last night (well this morning) I thought I saw a glitch or two and I started to get worried about the validity of running the DMX firmware on the Renards. This was further reinforced this afternoon while I was playing with the leaping arch sequencing again. It started getting really glitchy, so much so that I wouldn’t be comfortable putting on a show with it, and remember this is just in my basement with 50′ of cat5, not outside with 150′. I didn’t figure it was the DMX dongle, because from what I have read and seen with my own two eyes, RJ’s dongle is rock solid. That left the cabling and the computer. I made up a quick terminating resistor with a 120R resistor and a cat5 plug. The resistor goes between pins 4 and 5.

Note: these are the pins used by the Renard for communication not the pins used by the dongle for communication.

You might remember that I had to make up an adapter to make the pin out from the DMX dongle match the pin out on the Renards. That’s why the terminating resistor is on pins 4 & 5, not 1 & 2. I crimped the resistor into the plug and put a dab of hot glue in there to keep it from shorting itself out. I thought maybe the un-terminated line was causing the problems, so I gave it a go and it didn’t help any. I decided to finish getting the show computer updated and get .Net installed so I could run Vixen off there. I had been doing all my testing on my Laptop, but my laptop is also running all kinds of other goodies so I thought maybe it was all just slowing down vixen. Once I got Vixen running on the show computer, the glitches seemed to go away. I’ve tried several times this evening, and it all seems good, so hopefully that problem is behind me!

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