We’re getting there

I’ve made quite a bit of progress that last few nights. I did get the remaining 72 cords stripped. When I counted them I thought I got shorted 2 cords, but apparently I can’t add. That may have been the worst part of this project thus far… stripping those cords. I got 24 cords attached to an enclosure, but the wires haven’t been organized yet.

The .25″ spacers came in today (Mouser Part #561-K8.25), so tonight I got the boards semi-mounted in the heat sinks. I’ve still got all of the screws to put in the triacs, but I’m waiting until I have a chance to test the boards one last time in case I have to take it off the heat sink again. I fully tested one board tonight with DMX firmware. Here’s Phil’s notes on what needs modified to run the DMX firmware. The key thing for me was that the first PIC gets the desired start address for the board, and the remaining PICs get a start address of 1. Once again the DMX firmware hasn’t let me down, but I haven’t really done anything major with it yet, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed. As you can see from the pics, the nylon spacers aren’t all that different from the poly tubing ones I was going to make, except they are exactly .25″ and they are exactly straight. Considering they were only .06, I think it was money well spent so that I don’t have the get the length of the tubing just right, and worry about it getting cut off straight.

I’ve been trying to figure out where I’m going to mount the Ren2DMX adapter boards (assuming I actually get them), I’m leaning towards double stick tape on the door of the enclosure, but we’ll see if I get them, and what they look like if I do. Next on the list, get the other three boards tested, finish mounting them in the heat sinks, and get the wires in the remaining two enclosures. Then I’ll have to get pipe mounts attached and glued in before I can start wiring the boards to the plugs. Still plenty to do and I haven’t even begun to think about sequencing yet… How many days are left???

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