I wired up a couple of cat5 jacks to convert the DMX wiring into the renard wiring. The pinouts are like this

Wire DMX Pin Renard Pin
White/Orange 1 5
Orange/White 2 4
White/Brown 7 7

I only programmed the first pics on the Renards just as a proof of concept. The last one in the chain had channel 1 as its start address, and the first one in the chain had channel 25 as its start address. I ran a test sequence using my dmx dongle and everything seemed to work OK. I’m pretty encouraged that I should be able to run the renards on DMX for my show this year. That will be pretty cool because the wiring should become a lot simpler, and that way everything will be running DMX. I also like that channel 1 is channel 1 is channel 1, it doesn’t matter where in the chain it lies. I definitely am going to need a DMX splitter because between my 30 pixels and the renards and whatever else I come up with, I’ll be way over the 32 device limit on a DMX line. RJ has talked about a coop for his DMX splitter, so I might order the parts for that in anticipation that he does it. I would love to try and etch my own, but I don’t know when I’ll get to it and it would probably end up costing me more in the long run.

Speaking of etching, I talked to April today about going to Light Up Ohio 2009 in Columbus in May. She has no desire to go listen to light geeks all day, but she says I can go if she can go shop while I’m there. Seems like a reasonable compromise. They are supposed to be having a talk on etching your own boards that I’m pretty excited about, so hopefully I can go!

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    al mcpherson, P.E. Says:

    Where did you find the firmware for the renard (dmx)? I have been trying to get it to work to no avail.

    Are you using Vixen?

    I can get a standard DMX product to work, but not the Renard, maybe I have found bad code. Any help would be really appreciated.


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