My Dongle Isn’t Naked Anymore!

I took some time out this morning to run out to Dad’s house and attempt to put holes in the enclosure for my DMX Dongle. For the most part I was successful, more so than my last attempt at putting holes in an enclosure, but that was like 5 years ago. The holes are slightly larger and not quite square, but it’ll work for me. I had every intention of putting pictures on tonight, but have not had much luck with any of the picasaweb plugins for WordPress. I was able to hand enter the tags for a pic, so I know that isn’t the problem, but I surely don’t want to be doing that for every pic I put on here, and I don’t want to put them on my server because I’m already utilizing 50% of my alotted storage space. I might end up switching to flickr if I can’t find a plugin that suites me.

While I was out there, I found a drill bit that was slightly larger than the holes in the bottom of the broadbandstore enclosures. I ran it through them and when I got home tonight tried my 3 wire cords. It was much easier inserting them with the holes slightly larger. I’m also thinking I’m going to use the 12×12 enclosures instead of the 9×9 ones for my Ren24’s. I hate to have something that big, but I think I will like the extra room they provide. Speaking of my Ren24’s hopefully my boards will arrive tomorrow!

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